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Both Kelly Formwork Rail (UK) Ltd and Kelly Formwork (UK) Ltd have a strong reputation and a wealth of experience working on many high profile projects throughout the United Kingdom

We have a growing highly reputable company for producing high quality work, safety on time to budget.


The Group can offer the following Build Solutions for the above Sectors

  • RC Frame Construction & Concrete Structures
  • Top Down Construction
  • Crossrail Infrastructure
  • Highways & Bridge Structures
  • Groundworks & Drainage Installations
  • Substations


Kelly Group advocate the use of modern formwork systems, which are mostly modular, are designed for speed and efficiency.

They are engineered to provide increased accuracy and minimize waste in construction and have enhanced health and safety features built-in.

The main systems of use are

  • Horizontal erect and strike systems
  • Horizontal panel systems
  • Table form/flying form
  • System column form
  • Vertical panel systems
  • Jump form
  • Slip form
  • Tunnel form
  • Perimeter Screen

The rudiments of Kelly Formwork Build Solutions are Formwork, Steelfixing and Concrete.