Kelly Formwork (UK) Ltd have worked in the Reinforced Concrete Frame sector for many years.

The wide range of projects undertaken have included Commercial, Government Funded and Private Residential developments. The Company advocate the use of modern formwork systems, which are mostly modular, are designed for speed and efficiency. They are engineered to provide increased accuracy, minimize waste and feature enhanced health and safety innovations.


The main systems of use are Table forms, Flying formwork, Column formwork, Horizontal and Vertical Panel Systems, Jump Form, Slip Form, Tunnel Form and perimeter screens combined with Panel Edge protection for Safety. The company also uses pre-cast fabrication allowing faster and safer systems of work on-site and Post-Tensioning techniques allowing greater and slimmer floor spans cast in-situ.

Value Engineering

Kelly Formwork take advantage of every innovative system of work to achieve safe and efficient concrete construction for the benefit of our clients, the public and the company. The Kelly Group can advise clients and designers on the most appropriate construction systems, offering value engineering to best suit their project requirements.