Silver Status Membership Achieved

27 - 02 - 2017

Every year we spend hundreds of thousands of pounds with our suppliers – from buying materials to keep our clients projects running smoothly to building huge infrastructure networks that give large-scale clients like Crossrail the ability to take better control over London undergrounds services. We have a responsibility to ensure these products and services are sustainable, so we work closely with our supply chain to ensure they have high ethical, social and environment standards.

That is why we have become partners with the Supply Chain Sustainability School. 

The School is a world-class collaboration with over 45 partners, focused on developing sustainable supply chains. By partnering with the School, our supply chain will be able to access a wealth of knowledge to build their skills and take action on sustainability through tailored support such as online resources and workshops.

We will also be able to collaborate with other partners to help establish best practice approaches to effectively manage new and emerging issues, such as modern slavery. Becoming partners of the School, builds on work we have been doing to reduce risk and increase transparency and reliability in our supply chain. 

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