Crossrail Falsework captured onTime-Lapse Video Footage

21 - 05 - 2014

Fantastic Crossrail time lapse video footage shows the falsework on the Western Ticket Hall in Bond Street developing day by day to conclusion.

Bond Street: Western Ticket Hall

This substantial reinforced concrete substructure comprises five floor levels deep, with floor heights of 4.5 metres and floor-plates of 30 metres by 60 metres enclosing a floor area of 1800 square metres per floor level. The basement levels are to a high specification concrete finish.

The scale and complexity of this project offered Kelly Formwork a fantastic opportunity to innovate, develop job specific techniques, to record the lessons learned and experience gained during its construction. This was in line with the Kelly Formwork philosophy of self-delivery and ensuring we have the highest level of expertise in-house, to enable always to offer our clients unrivalled knowledge and innovation on our projects.

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